WordPress 2.2.1 upgrade

Oeps.. a wordpress upgrade went totally wrong.
By removing all plugins and insert them one by one I was able to get all working again but the guys at WordPress do ‘suck’

a big ‘array’ issue is comming up: withing the admin interface (but also .htaccess) everywhere the keyword: array is displayed. Back to 2.1.3 and there is no issue anymore. In the forums I read that it is an issue of PHP and Zend. WHAT??

why so suddenly??

PHP 4.3.9 (cgi) (built: May 10 2007 05:19:09) & Zend Engine v1.3.0, with Zend Optimizer v2.5.10 with Zend Extension Manager v1.0.7. Okay not the newest stuff, but CENTOS and BlueQuartz do not offer me any other upgrade !!

and now I read in the trac that ‘customers should upgrade their software.. *UH??* 

So 2.1.3 is working here, but 2.2.1 a no go ! be warned !
(PHEW) ..
Only my editor is not wysiwyg yet ..

2 thoughts on “WordPress 2.2.1 upgrade

  1. That does suck. Big Time. Looks like your gonna have to download the latest version and just install it instead of upgrading it. Ask your system admin of your hosting company to back up your sql tables first ofcourse. Good Luck

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