The Ben Liebrand Grandmix 1989

Last week I ordered the DMC CD-10 (The Ben Liebrand Grandmix 1989) which was very rare and hard to get.

Today I received it from the offical distributor (Disco Mix Club).


The Grandmix 1989 is sent  by DMC in a cd-sleeve (plastic) and this ‘official’ re-press looks like it is burned on a writeable CD. The printing (cover / title book) looks more professional. Total Price: 15 pounds 50 ..  (for 35 euro you can get it from ebay now)

I’m happy to have this official CD (although it is a re-print) .. ..  b.t.w. the CD contains more than 99 tracks but has ‘indexes’ so that the total amount of tracks is showing 99. Where the indexes are you can see this when reading the booklet ..

Update: checking the code inside the CD (AIW700T) it learns me that it are indeed writables: SONY CD-R 52x INKJET PRINTABLE FULL FACE CD’s ..

3 thoughts on “The Ben Liebrand Grandmix 1989

  1. MixfreakM says:

    I ordered multiple of them at DMC a while ago, but they are simple copies burned on CDROM. Not profesionally done. The same for the paperwork: glossy piece of paper which olds the disc. (It doesn’t fit in a CD case..) I shipped everything back and had DMC also pay for shipping costs twice. (They understood..) The ones offered at eBay are the same! BE AWARE!

  2. Joost says:

    Offering out of print cds on cd-rom is happening more and more unfortunately. I bought some Hot Records USA cds lately via Amazon. What I got were some poor quality (lightscribe) cd-roms. Hot Records told me that all there current releases are on cd-rom media.

    I’m glad that I have the 3 DMC Liebrand Grandmixes on original media. Although, I do have a cd-rom copy for car entertainment ;-)

    Try to get the 88 version. In my opion the best of the three DMC editions.

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