Conceptronic CH3SNAS 1.03beta2 Firmware

Just before the black box is hitting the shelves. 

Today a new firmware was released to some beta users .. 1.03beta 2

update: firmware withdrawn, version 1.03abeta 2 had issue that UPnP server did not start. New Version released!

release notes:

1. Users with RAID1 configuration could loose their data after the reboot of upgrade 1.02 to 1.03beta1. The device was asking if you want to re-format the device. Removing the HDD’s and restart the device empty could save the data, but some users were pig-headed and lost all their data. Some RAID parameter were wrong causing this issue. It’s fixed now.
Password courrupted :  user’s password could get corrupted after changing. We fixed that also.

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