Conceptronic CH3SNAS 1.03beta4 Firmware

Just released by Conceptronic to some beta users new firmware for the Conceptronic CH3SNAS: 1.03beta 4

Release notes:

  1. Add a “skip” button to skip formatting of a HDD (to prevent data-loss by formatting wrong disk)
  2. Power Management : add 60 and 120 mins options.
  3. EasySearch Utility : Add “IP Address” as a mapping method instead of just using “sharename”.
  4. FTP Server : fixed no login pop-up window appears when using a non-Anonymous account to login to Server.
  5. Moving drives from one unit to the unit, no reformatting is needed (Hell who has more than one (euh .. I ?)

Download here the Beta4 firmware & Download here the new Easy Search Tool

Does it fix the UPnP disconnect / restart issue: No. I was able to reproduce the issue again. My idea is that it has to do with DHCP, Routing and DNS. A fixed IP address on all items in the network could solve the issue (I think, but who am I?) ..

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