Cebit Pre-Preview: Conceptronic MediaGiant




Last Friday a lot of websites (like Engadget) reported about the Conceptronic MediaGiant to be presented during Cebit 2008. Above the first 6 images I made from a sample device. Hit the image to get a bigger one to try to see more details.

it’s not ready for sale yet .. but we are working on that. A MultiMedia Player with tons of features including Twonky UPnP Media Server, GuidePlus, A Touchpanel, HDMI, Component etc..


Starting from EUR 349,– (depending on the size of HDD and if you need the Ethernet over Power yes or no (really kewl feature))

If you need a full HDTV capable playing device than your wish is the successor of the C54WMP: the CFULLHDMA (with 1080p support, MKV, MOV etc. etc!

You can find me in Hall 25 ;-)

3 thoughts on “Cebit Pre-Preview: Conceptronic MediaGiant

  1. Axel van Heusden says:

    Geachte heer Slagers,

    Is er al iets aan te geven wanneer de MediaGiant uitgeleverd kan worden.

    Met vriendelijke groet,

    Een geïnterresserde consument

  2. noise = no ballbearing fan is being used but a magnetic fan.

    The MediaGiant will be hitting the shelfs probably April / May

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