Conceptronic CH3SNAS firmware 1.03Final Release

Important info: 1.03Final can cause files to become corrupted when copying data with an alternative copy tool, like: Total Commander and/or TeraCopy etc. This has been reported by several users and I could finally reproduce it today.

Therefore please use 1.03b6a again to be sure your copied data will not be corrupted!

New firmware to be expected today /tomorrow. It will be the final 1.03 version

Released: 1.03Final 

  • added Request : PureFTPD supports SIZE and MDTM
  • added Request: SSL support
  • Fixed: HDD1 unable to sleep in Raid1 mode
  • added Request : FTP Server support option -O : ftp logging
  • Refresh only new added files automatically (instantly), so remove the “Refresh” button and Auto Refresh Timer from GUI for UPnP AV server part / I-Tunes part. this will give more stability and better performance. Note: Works through SAMBA shares, FTP is unknown
  • added Request: NFS v3 option enabled (for use with fun_plug: untested)
  • added: scandisk returned
  • Questionmark: fun_plug installation workable? Existing installations seems to work, but I was unable to get it working on my device (from scratsch) <sigh> unrar the funplug put it in the root of Volume_1 .. reboot .. no go :-( I think I do something wrong .. strange: Volume_2 .. worked

Other options requested are scheduled for 1.04 (like the HELO part for Matthijs)

SSL is working

220———- Welcome to Pure-FTPd [TLS] ———-
220-You are user number 1 of 10 allowed.
220-Local time is now 12:27. Server port: 21.
220 You will be disconnected after 2 minutes of inactivity.
USER dennis
331 User dennis OK. Password required
PASS ***********
230 OK. Current restricted directory is /

55 thoughts on “Conceptronic CH3SNAS firmware 1.03Final Release

  1. Thanks! Upgrade worked flawlessly :)

    The scandisk feature doesn’t seem to work: Hard Drive(s) Scanning Failure

    I have two SAMSUNG HD501LJ (500Gb), using RAID1 and fonz fun_plug 0.4 installed (drobpear ssh + subversion).

  2. knarfje says:

    wat is de beste methode om een future reqeust aan te vragen aan te vragen in de firmware??
    kan ik dat hier doen of op cenceptronics??

  3. Why scandisk is returned is unknown: it was not in the official release notes, but suddenly it was back in the GUI .. Yes it does tell: failure, so this option is right now (it seems) bogus.

    best methode for new features is to ask it here .. I decide if it’s worthful ;-)
    but to Conceptronic it’s also possible, not same guy but it could turn on my desk..

    HELO issue is about that the device does not respond with a valid hostname right now.

  4. knarfje says:

    Future request

    Configuration: ch3snas
    2 hard disks of 500 gig

    Is it possible to make a selectable configuration in the web interface like below:

    a small volume_1 JBOD 0ff aprx. 20 gig
    a big volume_2 RAID1 off aprx . 980 gig

    When i do a raid configuration i always end up with a large volume_1 and a small volume_2.

    It would be nice and tidy to have a small volume_1 for playing and experimenting with fun_plug and a big Volume_2 RAID1 for network storage and samba/nfs sharing.
    Is this possible to implant?

  5. knarfje says:

    Would tidy up the directory structure and the maintenance of volume_1 enormously
    I can wait till 1.04 (smile)

  6. harry says:

    Thanks for the quick reply.
    Have another question.
    Right now when i try to connect through my PS3, i get the following error:
    dlna protocol error 2113
    Any idea what the problem is?
    Another question does the UPNP server work with the XBOX360 or do i have to install Twonky, cause i can’t get that to work either :(?

  7. i2Paq says:

    Can someone confirm that the spindown/up of the right disk is fixed?

    As I’m running a raid0 I’m still having (or should I say: again) this issue.
    I’ve already asked Conceptronic support for an RMA number as I’m fed-up with this issue.

  8. Harry: PS3 will be tested this week if features still do still work. Still nobody did donate one for me to test it here at home :-( …. ;-)

    * HD0 stand by now! *

    * HD1 stand by now! *

    My setup shows me just with the command dmesg that it’s working
    but hey: I made the firmware quick available so everyone can test the 1.03Final
    any new introduced bugs or not well fixed onces are for 1.04
    the release notes state that it the stand by of the disks should have been fixed.
    Right now you are the only one having an issue about a disk not falling into standby even in single disk mode

  9. i2Paq says:

    Hello Dennis,

    I’m the only one having this problem so I think I have a hardware faillure and therefore I requested a RMA. I’ve spend to much time and hope on this to have it pinned down and find what I could be doing wrong. I know now that it only works again if I re-create the whole Raid0 everytime I run into this when I do a power-down and that could not be the setup/idea of this NAS.

  10. knarfje says:

    updated to 103 final
    reset to factory defaults in web interface

    tools /raid/set raid type and reformat

    Hard drive configuration.
    Select a RAID type : Standard (Individual Disks)
    JBOD (Linear – Combines Both Disks)
    RAID 0 (Striping – Best Performance)
    RAID 1 (Mirroring – Keeps Data Safe)

    ASP Error: Syntax error At line 1, line => format_wizard_showdevlnfo()


    Vendor Model Serial Number Size

  11. I’ll check the error monday Knarfje, I was able to format friday .. but here no device avail to reformat at which part it was creating this error?

    @i2Paq, i doubt it’s hardware error cause it’s a software setting putting the hdd into sleep mode. It could even be your own HDD .. check with your dealer. The guys at Conceptronic cannot handle direct RMA

    so if you did the upgrade to 1.03Final I want to see from you some dmesg output do not enable upnp server, ittunes server ,ftp server etc.. nothing which can access or cause the device to be ‘active’ ..

  12. JnManso says:

    Hi, I have some problems on my Ubuntu 7.10 using Azureus after the upgrade.

    The Cifs of Nas is not working properly, and i don’t understand why.

    I connect the Ubuntu with Nas using this command in the /etc/fstab

    // /media/Store cifs credentials=/root/.smbcredentials,iocharset=utf8,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777 0 0

    Anyone have the same problem?

  13. Ge-update van 1.03Beta6 naar 1.03 Final. Ik draai RAID1. De volumes bleven intact (ook RAID1). De bestaande bestanden waren goed leesbaar.

    Daarna een paar nieuwe bestanden naar de NAS gekopieerd, (ik gebruik hem voor TIF-bestanden), grote verassing: de file size veranderde!
    De preview deed het ook niet meer, mijn TIF-bestanden waren corrupt.
    De volumes helemaal opnieuw aangemaakt (RAID1), het probleem bleef bestaan.

    Ik ben maar weer snel teruggegaan naar 1.03Beta6.

    Willen jullie eens iets dergelijks proberen, (als je RAID1 hebt natuurlijk), kopieer er vanuit NTFS een TIF-file naartoe en doe een file-compare.

  14. Leo: ik zie geen verschil, ik heb op een raid1 opstelling zowel via samba share een tif bestand in een folder gezet als via Total Commander en ook via FTP
    en ik krijg gewoon een preview te zien en de bestanden zien er allemaal hetzelfde uit.

  15. knarfje says:

    back to 1.03b6
    did format
    no problem
    installed 1.3 final
    can do normal format
    there is NO:

    ASP Error: Syntax error At line 1, line => format_wizard_showdevlnfo()

    did not try a format

    funplug also works including ml donkey on volume_1

    tif probleem: tif file kopieren naar nas geen probleem heb een preview
    open een jpg in viewer(fastone) save als .tif direct naar nas geen prieview ,kan hem ook niet meer openen
    file size blijft bij mij correct

  16. ik heb mijn tif met photoshop CS3 geopend, gesaved als een nieuw bestand: no problem .. dus ik zou echt niet weten waar het probleem zou liggen.
    zelfs met fastone geopend, save-as als nieuw bestand: geen probleem ..

    zal het wel laten analyseren en maandag op want andere systemen proberen te reproduceren

  17. i2Paq says:


    Heel vreemd, ik heb de disks van positie gewisseld en nu gaan ze weer gewoon in spindown?!
    Ik heb nog niet gekeken verder en ook de Fun_plug draaid nog niet. Ik kijk vanavond even verder.

  18. Michael Mrak says:

    Will it keep the config (2×500 gig harddrives using Raid 1, fun_plug, Firefly, Twonkyvision) of 1.02 if i upgrade to 1.03? Just installing 1.03 over 1.02 is possible?


  19. never guarantee for fun_plug
    but 1.02 to 1.03 should not give any issues. But always backup your data (but it should not do anything with it)

  20. ghostdog23 says:

    I still can only get nfs V3 to run with my Dbox. Fun_plug is working correctly, but nfs mode still remains in V2. Any hints?

  21. bas says:

    I upgraded from 1.02 to 1.03 with fun_plug 0.4 everything is working fine, scandisk worked great for my disc a Western Digital wd5000aaks.

    I do got some minor problems when accessing my disc within xp. When I move files to other maps. It doesnt happing when copying it, only with replacing files. The strange thing is that I get an error, but the file is beeing replaced as I wanted. So not really a problem but just something I’d like to mention.

    And maybe for the next release you can include some s.m.a.r.t. software.

  22. Dr. Drips says:

    I think I have simaler problems like Bas.
    after upgrading to 1.03 and buying a PS3 I would like to make a ‘media’ folder to share with the PS3. so I set my upnp path to my new media folder and copied all video , audio and pictures.

    after all this it seems that the ps3 just saw the old folder structure.
    and with xp I got some weird errors about sources of files not found.
    the mp3’s where alle unknown data for the ps3 but still playable through xp.

    now back to beta 6 and everything is working again.
    but it’s much slower on the ps3.

  23. Dr. Drips: the database will be refreshed automatically when copying data through the samba shares on the device, if you use FTP than you have to disable/enable the UPnP AV server
    AFAIK there have not been any changed on the support or working for PS3

  24. Dr. Drips says:

    Ok, maybe other factors have to do with the lower performance on the PS3. I will check.
    But I can’t explain why moving around files gave this ‘source file not found’ error.
    even when I wanted to rename a new made folder I got this.
    the drive is not full (133 GB of 500 GB raid 1).

    I will try to reinstall the 1.03 final tonight to see if the problems are still there.

  25. the final was released but revoked due to a sudden corruption of the system when copying data. Microsoft announced it would take until june to fix it .. for their HomeServer

    I will not announce any date but it will be much sooner than Microsoft does ;-)
    expect days, not weeks or months

  26. Michael Mrak says:

    Should i downgrade to 1.03b6a now again (using 1.03 final)? I am using it with an Apple and OSX. Currently it seems for me that 1.03 final works fine …


  27. harry says:

    Questionmark: fun_plug installation workable? Existing installations seems to work, but I was unable to get it working on my device (from scratsch) unrar the funplug put it in the root of Volume_1 .. reboot .. no go :-( I think I do something wrong .. strange: Volume_2 .. worked

    Had the same problem too, i posted it already on Tweakers:
    Ik heb even verbinding gemaakt via ftp en wat blijkt nu:

    lrwxrwxrwx 1 0 0 10 Mar 9 16:59 Volume_1 -> /mnt/HD_b2
    lrwxrwxrwx 1 0 0 10 Mar 9 16:59 Volume_2 -> /mnt/HD_a2

    Mijn volume_1 heet b2 en Volume_2 a2.
    In alle scripst staat dat dit net andersom moet zijn. kan ik dit veranderen of moet ik het in alle scripts veranderen.
    Dit zal wel de reden zijn dat mijn Twonky niet meer wilde starten…

    Ik heb toen de schijven hardwarematig omgewisseld en nu werkt het wel.
    Wordt dit ook nog gefixed, want voorheen werkte het wel….

  28. @harry: has something to do in which position (left /right) you put the hdd, the design of the device etc..
    fun_plug is a non supported feature, so nothing will be fixed for that (I even do not think there is something wrong)

    @michael: we have discovered and reproduced corrupted files when put on the device.. I do not advise to keep using 1.03Final, best is to downgrade to 1.03b6a

  29. harry says:

    I know it is not supported, but i think its a bit strange after updating to 1.03 it didn’t work any more, feels like there is a bug somewhere cause before it worked fine….

  30. @Harry

    first disk is always Volume_1 in standard or normal mode (ie. Left disk will be Volume_1)
    2nd disk added to the right: Volume_2
    at the bottom the sda and sdb will make a reverse change, but on top you will not notice it.

    so if it’s not working it was not installed as the tool expect it to be: but again no support

  31. Ik heb een future request:

    Kan er in een volgende versie van de firmware een nieuwere versie van mt-daapd/firefly worden meegebakken? De laatste stable release geeft minder problemen met vreemde karakters in ID3 tags. Verder zit er een uitgebreidere ruleset in voor het maken van ‘intelligente’ playlists.

  32. I’m quite dissapointed with this NAS.

    1. I can’t save from Photoshop CS3. I am getting this error: “Can not save file because a disk error have occurred”.

    2. I even have problems creating folders from Windows Explorer. I get an error: “Can not rename folder”.

    3. And MAME is terribly slooooooow reading roms from this disk.

    Any help ?


  33. Chaos says:


    Ik heb laatst de Conceptronic CH3SNAS gekocht, werkte allemaal prima totdat ik Funplug wilde uitproberen.

    Origineel zitten er twee 500GB schijven in en om Funplug te proberen had ik een 750GB schijf ingebouwd.
    Nadat ik uitgespeeld was en de 2 andere schijven weerinzette worden deze niet meer herkend.
    Ik kom in de admintool niet verder dan de opties om de schijven te formateren.

    Hoe krijg ik alles weer terug zodat ik weer mijn muziek en films kan gebruiken?
    Ik heb JBOD gebruikt en geen raid 0.
    Ik hoop dat iemand me verder kan helpen.

  34. Chaos says:

    Hoi Dennis,

    Ik heb ze in de zelfde volgorde gezet.
    Firmware 1.02 is geïnstalleerd op het moment.

    Is er misschien een truucje om mijn bestanden via Linux ofzo over te pompen naar een andere schijf, mochten de schijven opnieuw geformatteerd te worden?

  35. ik zal morgen ‘s vragen hoe het met 1.02 zit .. momenteel heb ik er geen antwoord op .. ik zou ook zo 1-2-3 niet weten hoe je een JBOD schijf kan fixen ..

  36. Rik says:

    al enigidee wanneer de gefixte 1.03final uitkomt? Ik draai nog steeds b6 maar ik zou graag willen dat die disk gaat slapen ;-)

  37. @Chaos: versie 1.02 ondersteund niet de mogelijkheid om HDD’s uit te wisselen. Advies is om up te graden naar 1.03B6 en dan zal je (als het goed is) je andere HDD’s weer kunnen gebruiken, althans dat is wat ik te horen krijg, maar zelf niet heb kunnen testen

    Het zou van de week gereleased zijn ware het niet dat de huiswerk die ik gegeven had niet goed was uitgevoerd.
    Het grootste probleem was wel opgelost, maar een andere niet en dat was niet verkoopbaar ..

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