Beta firmware CFULLHDMA 1.09.11

1. speed up switch embedded MKV subtitles
2. fixed: MKV subtitle control code issue
3. fixed: Some mp4 could not be played.
4. Improved: some MKV files with artefact issue

You need to be a beta tester to get this beta-firmware. Put a comment under this entry with your real e-mail address and I’ll put you on the beta-testers list. note for GMAIL & HOTMAIL users: maybe my mail will arrive in your SPAM inbox.. check it !

34 thoughts on “Beta firmware CFULLHDMA 1.09.11

  1. Timoteo says:

    I would like to be in beta tester list.

    Thank you.

    Oops: Im already in beta tester list (email landed in gmail spam)

  2. Next, geef aub een ander mail adres anders dan hotmail, ik denk namelijk dat hotmail niet aankomt op de een of andere vage manier

  3. nexT says:

    OK heb nu een nieuwe (gmail) adres erin gezet, alvast bedankt!
    ps. is het mogelijk .iso af te spelen over een upnp anders dan de bijgeleverde? en zonder samba?

  4. mortai says:

    i´m a user of this fine piece of metal since yesterday. i would love to be a beta tester for new firmware. pleaes put me on the list. thanks a lot in advance!!!

  5. Rodolfo says:

    I’ would like to test the new beta firmware. I’ve some problems with choising
    the language from DVD-Files (vob, ifo, ts) and soundproblems (some MP3-files
    made by nero 8 (mp3pro)

    Thanks and best regards

  6. Maximiliano Cebohin says:

    I want to receive a notify when a new Firmware comes-up, and, if it is possible a release note of the new features.

    Regards from Argentina.

  7. Nordien says:

    I would like to test the new firmware. Im having terrible artefacting in mkv files. Thanks in advance

  8. Edwin says:

    Can you please put me on the Fullhdma cc-list, so I can use the beta firmware thanks in advance!

  9. Rob van den berg says:


    ook ik zou graag willen testen met de BETA firmware.
    Alvast bedankt,

    Rob van den berg

  10. Roef33 says:

    Net tot aanschaf over gegaan na het lezen van het forum op Tweakers dot net.
    Zou ook graag de beta firmware ontvangen.

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