7 thoughts on “CFULLHDMA and GIGABIT

  1. jose sosa says:

    Hello from Spain deniis and sorry for mi english.

    I have two problems ,the first:
    When i play a file by the gigabit lan ,no by upnp server only by the net ,(the icon with one tower with two points and a arrow up).That contains the letter “ñ” or a “´” (tilde.The CFULLHDMA says that the file its incompatible.

    And the second problem its when i run a WMVHD its imposible to change the sound ,only ear the first track of the file and its impossible to run the second one.

    Thanks .

  2. Jan Willem says:

    Perhaps slightly off topic, but it falls under the title:

    I was wondering if there are known problems using the cfullhdma with a gigabit link, as I have problems (crashes) that only occur when using a gigabit switch (netgear gs105/gs108).

    The crashes occur after some ~35 minutes of hd content (mkv/dvd), and after a reset it happens again and again after some 5 minutes. Suggesting overheating of the lan component.

    Kind regards,

  3. Marco says:

    So, 11 Mbit eh? That would certainly rule out streaming Blu-ray files (.m2ts) as they can reach 40 Mbit max (indeed, some movies reach about 35 Mb/sec). I would guess then, that most 1080p content would be impossible too. 11 Mbit/sec is very close to the maximum bitrate of DVD.

  4. Rene van Woezik says:

    Weet je waar ik een afstandsbediening kan kopen?, De vorige is helaas door de hond kapot gemaakt.

    alvast bedankt!

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