CFULLHDMA: Beta 1.09.14



  • 1. Solving the artefact issue on MKV files caused some issues at the On Screen Display: fixed.
  • 2. CFULLHDMA could not work with Twonky Media Server on Music Level due to usage of M3U by Twonky. CFULLHDMA used it as PlayList, Twonky has other purpose for it, so things got messed up: fixed.
  • 3. Issues with playing DVD’s and subtitles. It could not switched correctly (manually) and when selected it did not start at the beginning of the video. Fixed.
  • 4. IMedia entries (like NFS) could not be edited after saving it. Fixed.
  • 5. In the background errors on NFS could be created. An error causes the device to crash: fixed.
  • 6. Files with for instance dvsd codec type crashed the codec engine: dvsd is not supported, crash fixed.
  • 7. Certain movie files could not played properly (freezing video): fixed.

only available for beta testers (Check your mail. gmail accounts: it can be in your spam mailbox, Hotmail accounts are totally unknown if they get it .. Unreliable email host.

38 thoughts on “CFULLHDMA: Beta 1.09.14

  1. hverkuil says:

    Please mail me this beta firmware, looks like it solves a bunch of errors I’ve experienced.

  2. harry says:

    i am on the list for the beta but i deleted the message with the download link. can u please resend it?

  3. Mark Huisinga says:

    Is er al iets bekend over ondersteuning voor wmv ac3 passthrough naar digitaal ?

    Voor de rest, goed werk!

  4. Emile says:

    Hallo Dennis,

    Kun je mij ook op de lijst van beta-testers zetten en de laatste beta-versie toesturen?

  5. Alex says:

    my first posted email don’t work
    could you send it egain on this email adress please.
    thank you

  6. Egbert says:

    Krijg het apparaat morgen binnen, wil natuurlijk graag testen. Dus indien mogelijk de beta-firmware. Alvast bedankt!

  7. George says:

    Ik heb er sinds vandaag ook een en test uiteraard graag mee. Dus als je hem zou kunnen mailen: graag!

  8. John says:


    Can you please send me the beta drivers as well and keep me in the loop for new once?

    Thnx alot :)

    Gr John

  9. dj_hardbeat says:

    Please provide me with the latest beta for the CFULLHDMA and CH3SNAS as I would like to play .iso files and I like contribute to the development of the new firmware possibilities. Thanks!

  10. Antonio says:

    Hello, can I be a beta tester and try this firmware. If so please send me this version.

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