CH3SNAS: Firmware 1.04RC3

After listening to users of CH3SNAS I finally present you the 1.04RC3 which will be released on the official webpage soon as 1.04-0627 version

Release notes:

In this release we have fixed a number of issues needed to be fixed for an official release:

(this release is about to be released through the official channel as wel as official supported download)

  1. http://ch3snas/server.pem & http://ch3snas/etc/shadow can reveal information: fixed
  2. Certain UPnP Devices (Like PlayStation 3) could only browse but not play content: fixed
  3. Files > 2GB could not be played entirely: should be fixed
  4. Issue with mt-daapd when using bonjour tool: Partly fix: we only support to see the status. New features needed can be proposed and if useful, we can try to add.

Please reset your device to factory defaults after upgrading to have certain scripts work properly. Without resetting to factory defaults I cannot guarantee any option to work properly.

Download the 1.04RC3 file here.

19 thoughts on “CH3SNAS: Firmware 1.04RC3

  1. Brosme says:

    Hi, thx for the update. I´ll check it asap. Maybe I can give you any feedback.

  2. Frank says:

    Do I have to manually reconfigure everything after resetting it to factory settings, or can I backup my previous configuration and reload that after the upgrade?

  3. harry says:

    Nice will test it later this week.
    Is this rc3 exactly the same as the one that is going to be released on the conceptronic site?

  4. Frank says:


    Upgrade worked fine, everything runs as expected. Thanks for the update!
    I especially want to thank you guys at Conceptronic for the fast fix of the security issue. Quite amazing customer support :)

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Peter says:

    Jammer, maar helaas. Op mijn PS3 worden grote video bestanden nog steeds gezien als veel kleinere video bestanden (8GB = 600MB) en ze houden na 5 a 10 minuten dus ook op met afspelen. Wat dit betreft is er dus nog niets veranderd ten opzichte van firmware 1.02 en 1.03.

    Toch beweert Conceptronic dat de UPnP server DLNA 1.0 compliant is. Waarom werkt het dan niet goed samen met een DLNA certified client? Zowel met TVersity als met Twonky spelen de bestanden probleemloos af. Het nadeel is dat voor TVersity mijn pc aan moet staan en dat ik voor Twonky moet betalen.

    Zijn er meer mensen die dit probleem hebben? En wat kan ik doen om te helpen bij het oplossen van dit probleem?

  6. Peter says:

    Dennis, ik gebruik de nieuwste beschikbare firmware, dat is versie 2.36.
    Voor zover bekend is daarin op het gebied van media streaming niets veranderd ten opzichte van de vorige versie.

  7. ben je naar factory defaults gegaan en heb je de server uitgezet, gereboot en weer aangezet?

    het zou kunnen dat de ‘oude’ database weer fris gemaakt moet worden.
    Morgen krijg ik pas feedback van mijn engineers.

  8. Peter says:

    Dennis, Ik ben naar factory defaults gegaan en ik heb gereboot. Vanavond zal ik de server eens uitzetten, rebooten en de server weer aanzetten. Ik laat je het resultaat wel horen.

    Hoe zit het trouwens met de automatische refresh? Is die nog steeds aanwezig in deze versie van de firmware?

  9. De automatische refresh werkt goed. maar het geniet de voorkeur om de ‘oude’ database te flushen. door deze te stoppen en daarna weer te starten na een reboot.

  10. Peter says:

    @ harry:

    UPnP AV server uitschakelen, NAS rebooten en dan de UPnP AV server weer inschakelen.

    @ Dennis:

    Dit heb ik dus net gedaan en het heeft helaas niets geholpen.

  11. Stefan says:

    I have just installed the new firmware and now I have found a mysterious shell code snippet when going to Advanced => FTP Server in the web page – the first three table lines contain:

    Path User/Group R/W
    /usr/bin/inotify_uPNP -mqr "$SHARE_FOLDER" &
    Volume_1 fi

    Volume_1 myUser1
    Volume_1 myUser2

    (shell code is contained in User/Group column, splitted on three rows)
    So it seems that there is some UPNP script command there?! Can you reproduce that? Is there a leak that should be solved before final release? Or is it just me?
    fyi: After firmware upgrade I have done a factory reset and then re-loaded my backup configuration file. If you need more information, I’ll try to do my best ;)

    BR Stefan.

  12. Brosme says:


    it works for me. UPnPAV works, PS3 shows videos as expected. But there is no AlbumArt or Tag-Recognisation when playing/streaming music. It is streamed, but without any tags displayed. When copying a file from CH3SNAS to PS3, any information is showed, like Artist Ordering is only by filename.


  13. doragasu says:

    Support for video files bigger than 2 GB is only partially solved. Now I have succesfully played in my PS3 files of about 3,4 GB, but others bigger (for example above 8 GB) don’t play properly. Their size es reported incorrectly (for example, a 8,4 GB is reported like having 80 MB and lasting only 1 min and 30 seconds). The same files play perfectly on the PS3 when streamed from a PC using tversity, so it’s not a problem of the console.

    Please fix this problem, it’s really nasty to encode a full HD movie to find that it will not play properly because of this bug.


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