As we are busy to move the CFULLHDMA from Linux 2.4 kernel to Linux 2.6 we are mainly testing it internally. Today I can present you an update beta firmware which is experimental so very limited support.

Due to the difference in kernel it can happen that an already fixed issue is happening again or that there is a new issue seen you did not encounter with the firmware.

issues reported which are not solved yet or mentioned are under investigation, being fixed etc..


  • fixing MKV embedded subtitle issue: (S_SSA or S_ASS type)
  • fixing playback audio codec AAC-LC within MKV 
  • fixing FF or FB does not work: becomes slow motion after pressing five times te slow button an pressing FF or FB.
  • Disable FF, FB, Repeat, AB mode, Pause, and Slow for Internet streaming.
  • fixing SRT subtitle control code < > characters issue
  • fixing SRT subtitle issue with dummy extra new line
  • Resume music playback when playing the music file which is playing now.  (Do not play it from the begining).  Cannot support this feature for Internet streaming.
  • Fixing some music file cannot be continously played after exiting the play music window if set “Music Auto Play” as “Repeat”.
  • Support for external subtitle when playing MP4 files
  • Remember Samba user name and Password (1 username/password right now)


  • Fixing the URL of iMedia may end with space of invalid character. 
  • Fixing that system need longer time to power off if USB storage is attached.
  • Fixing  a system crash when decoding some JPEG files.
  • Fixing a system crash when play mkv files in some cases.
  • Fixing a system crash when playing next music files sometimes.
  • Fixing samba client feature cannot automatically scan again.
  • Fixing that DMS server won’t be removed if power-off or unplug cable of PC which running DMS.


  • Fix that cannot resume playing video files in kernel 2.6.15.
  • Remove the debug message “cdrom: This disc doesn’t have any tracks I recognize!”.

feedback is appreciated in

Beta testers have been informed. Right now there are no open positions for beta testing

6 thoughts on “CFULLHDMA: beta

  1. humprey says:


    I would like to test this beta, but I am not a beta tester, may be included in the list?

    thanks ;)

  2. Danny says:


    Amazing work guys…but i want to test it too xDDD

    Can you include me in your beta-tester list???

    Thanks a lot and excuse me for my poor english.


  3. Tumble_nl says:

    Since i am using samba shares to acces my vista PC i would be a perfect tester for this beta FW
    so if you still have an opening as a beta tester i would love to apply.

  4. Henk says:

    Eerder (voor augustus) heb ik me aangemeld als betatester in de comments op deze pagina, doch heb ik de nieuwe firmware niet mogen ontvangen. Graag wil ik vragen of ik alsnog de beta-firmware mag ontvangen.

  5. vidram says:

    I would like to become a betatester. Could you please tell me how can I register for it?
    Thanks in advance

  6. Wat een prachtig apparaat! Ik heb ‘m afgelopen week ontvangen en sta versteld van de mogelijkheden. Ben ook erg blij met de toekomstige FLAC ondersteuning!

    Ik wil graag deel nemen aan de Beta Tests.

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