CH3SNAS: status update

status update about 1.04RC5 firmware and reported bugs

1. After reboot, the time is 1 hour behind: can be reproduced and will be fixed now

2. Firefox cannot change password from user: can be reproduced and will be fixed now

3. HDD cannot be in standby: cannot be reproduced

4. Unicode part under review when mounting samba share with unicode characters (not displayed properly on cfullhdma, when using nfs no problem

23 thoughts on “CH3SNAS: status update

  1. Frank says:

    hello, there are still problems with raid formatting. i tried to format raid with 1.4rc5 but i always get an “formatting failure” message. with 1.03 it works perfect. see comment section from news post 1.04rc4 for further details.

  2. Concerning point 3, I noticed that the HDD go into standy mode and immediately afterwards spin up again. Can’t say how it can be reproduced or what’s causing it I’m afraid..

  3. RunaR says:

    I had some problems with the spin down not working. I got fun_plug 0.5 on a USB stick on my NAS. All logging is on my USB stick. I got the spin down working again by letting the logging of fun_plug write to /dev/null and adding a “cd /” to the fun_plug script before it starts all the programs. Other wise all programs are started from /mnt/HD_a2/
    So maybe the spin down problems are not all related to some thing in the firmware, but small config problems in the fun_plug.

  4. Clemens says:

    I have also latest FW installed and pretty without any problems.
    I do have a question for which I hope some-one will help me out.

    I’m a newbie to linux and scripting, but I willing to learn….

    I want to install fun_plug0.5, but everywhere I look it is not written in ‘Jip en Janneke’ languange (Dutch for ‘easy as hell’)

    And after I installed fun_plug I need also help for 2 thing…..
    1) spindown fans aswell after drive spindown…..(drive after 5 minuter…settings through GUI and fans through fun_plug after 30 min…..)
    2) Enable NFS share…..I have a Tvix 4100 and TVIX uses NFS for fast sharing….

    Please help…..

  5. Clements.
    We are currently in the process of creating a new wiki on CH3SNAS. It will likely be announced in one or two weeks.
    It contains English translations (with help by PeterH) of some of my existing German tutorials. The tutorial on installing fun_plug is already done, retested and stable. You can find it here, i think it’s written in “easy language”.

    A tutorial on the fan is likely to follow soon.


  6. Clemens says:

    Hi Uli,

    I did take a look at the wiki and i’m happy with it.
    This is just the site for a CH3SNAS owner.
    Everything is explained in a language even I can understand and fun_plug installing was not difficult.

    I have a TVIX 4100 and it uses NFS for sharing. I’ve read I can enable NFS on the CH3SNAS so NFS sharing is possible. Now i’ve runned following line in a telnet session and i’m not sure I did it ok and if there is a way to check it…..(my tvix still not sharing with the NAS on NFS….only SMB which is to slow)

    sh /ffp/start/ start


    sh /ffp/start/ start

    (is it possible to run both?)


  7. Clemens,

    thanks for your feedback!

    Concerning the NFS-Server: You simply have to start “sh /ffp/start/ start” as the CH3SNAS has NFS-support in the kernel ( is the user-space NFS server that doesn’t require it). Proably you have to configure it in the corresponding file in/ffp/etc/
    I have no devices that use NFS, so i cannot test NFS at present, sorry…


  8. Is there any way to let the CH3SNAS sort music tracks by track number rather than title?
    (Is this actually done by the NAS, or is it the PS3 doing the sorting?).
    It’s quite annoying that even playlists are sorted by track name….

  9. Nasp says:


    I have update de firmware from 1.04RC1 to 1.04RC5, e have discover one BIG PROBLEM for me, the FTP server active, and it a FTP software like Filezilla or GFTP, the software only see 2000 files for folder, a limitation from the server.



  10. Hi,

    would is possible to add a date and time to the hdd off message?

    * HD1 stand by now! *

    # HD1 awake now ! #

    I looks like it works but I just want to see how many minutes/hours ago it went offline/online..

    p.s. the picture with the dogs hanging skinless is a bit grose!!

  11. Frank says:

    I also have problems with the HDD spindown not working for one of the 2 disks. According to dmesg it spins up and down all the time, but since there’s no time stamp I can’t really determine in what intervals. So I support the request in the comment above to add time stamps to dmesg output.

    The naming conventions for the 2 hard drives is very confusing anyways. dmesg names them HD0 and HD1, the file system refers to them as HD_a2 and HD_b2, and Samba knows them as Volume_1 and Volume_2. Can’t that be simplified somewhat?

    Can you tell me what drive (the right or the left one when looking at the front of the NAS) is HD0? Maybe a switch of hard drives will help with the spindown issues.

  12. Jasper says:

    The CH3SNAS upnp-mediaserver always shows up on my media player, enabled or disabled it is always there. Only when it is disabled there is no content to select, but it is indexing my harddrives after reboot. As solution i entered not the whole share but just an empty directory. Can this be fixed?

  13. PeterJ says:

    Hi Dennis,

    pls see my comments regarding “mvTwsiStartBitSet ERROR ” in FW1.04RC5 section/thread. Problem is still arising.
    thx & regards

  14. Robbie72 says:

    Nice, gonna try it.

    Maybe something for the next version:

    Instead of only be able to scandisk the hdd’s, also be able to defrag them??

    Nice going…

  15. EricL says:


    als ik de url aanroep, van goform/sysShutDown, zou daar niet het admin username/password bij in moeten?

    Wanneer een willekeurige netwerk gebruiker die url aanroept, wordt de nas uitgezet, zonder pardon. Dus, terwijl ik op m’n NFS gemounte nas zit te werken, kan iemand anders gewoon een GET request doen en de NAS uitzetten.

    Is het misschien een plan, om de url op 1 of andere manier te beveiligen? Op zich is het wel erg fijn, dat het op deze manier uit kan, maar dan wel graag met een klein beetje authenticatie er bij.

    Mijn huis-tuin-en-keuken video applicatie kan op die manier wel netjes vanuit de software elke niet gebruikte NAS uitzetten, wat erg fijn is, maar nu kan iedereen het..

  16. @peterJ .. its under investigation, but as I am on holiday I have no updates about status ..

    @EricL; geef ‘s wat meer info .. voor met laatste firmware is er gewerkt aan betere security dat je niet zomaar meer alle url’s kan aanroepen . .

  17. Andre says:

    Clemens ( or someone else )

    Did you manage to get the CH3SNAS working on the TVIX 4100?
    I have enabled NFS but am not able to see any files or folders on my TVX.
    Maybe someone could help me step by step?


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