CH3SNAS: status update

status update about 1.04RC5 firmware and reported bugs

1. After reboot, the time is 1 hour behind: can be reproduced and will be fixed now

2. Firefox cannot change password from user: can be reproduced and will be fixed now

3. HDD cannot be in standby: cannot be reproduced

4. Unicode part under review when mounting samba share with unicode characters (not displayed properly on cfullhdma, when using nfs no problem

Date & Time @ server

Damn the xs4all time server has some issues. It’s messing up the system time at my server. (and all my logfiles) .. Pffffffff. Removing it from webserver admin interface to see if problem is solved. If so than above IP is really making a mess of it

Problem of time @ server has to do with update CentoS (3.5) 4.3 to CentOS 4.4 when fully yum updated more BlueQuartz / CentOS users suffer from same issue. I changed Timezone setting to another timezone applying and then putting it back to the normal timezone. Let see if the logfile is giving me the correct time now.