Message to Self: Throughput by time Linux

how to measure speed within Linux using ie. a Samba or NFS share

Command> time cat /location/of/filea >/dev/null

One thought on “Message to Self: Throughput by time Linux

  1. quattro says:

    real 2m25.955s -> 145.955 seconds.
    ls -l file
    gives you the file size in bytes
    divide that by the realtime seconds and you have bytes per second.

    divide this number further by 1024 multiple times to get kB/s, MB/s, GB/s, TB/s and so on.

    interesting: if you do this on a cfh to measure how fast a samba share could deliver, the cfh craches after a minute or so.
    maybe the /dev/null is full ;-)

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