How to fix you CHD3NET (RDC 2891 LANDISK)

This fix is for those who have a Conceptronic CHD3NET (or any device running RDC’s 2891 LANDISK chipset) and upgraded it to a new firmware but where it did not reboot properly: here’s the tip how-to restore the firmware especially when your firmware upgrade failed and you are only able to ping to the NAS.

Other features seem unusable to start: the web user interface at  cannot start and TFTP functions are also not functioning (RDC does not support Telnet) so it seems you are now the ‘proud’ owner of an USB storage device!

Here’s are the steps how you can try to fix your bricked LANDISK with RDC 2891 chipset:

1) Download the latest firmware
2) Download this file
3) unzip this file somewhere on you harddrive and browse to the ‘Utility Tool’  Directory. Execute Scan ip.exe and perform a scan, after a moment your NAS will be found by the program.

4) Select the NAS from the list and press the SETUP NAS button, you might get some error message but just ignore them. Now you’ll entered a menu where you’ll be able to download new firmware to the NAS.

5) Browse to the directory where you saved the .bin firmware and upload this to you NAS, afterwards you’ll need to reboot and back is you WebInterface

Thanks to Emiel Kosse

6 thoughts on “How to fix you CHD3NET (RDC 2891 LANDISK)

  1. liknus says:

    Hi! Thanks for this post, and sorry for the necrobump!=)

    May I ask you if by updating the firmware, both the username and the password are gonna return to the default value?
    I’d like to buy a second hand CHD3NET , but the current owner has forgot the password for the WebGUI.. Any idea on how to reset it?


  2. I have no clue .. this is a such outdated device, normally a device will only go back to factory defaults after a factory reset. Or if you add a clean HDD to it. Something recalls me to remember that some data is stored on the HDD wit this device, but not sure though.

  3. R says:

    If you want to reset the user and password you have to open the device , you will find ajumper to do it , like when you want to reset a a Bios

  4. Sicko says:

    Searching my arse of for the jumper on the damn thing.
    I have only the PCB, not the housing. (It was a gift from a Co-worker)
    Therefore i don’t have a resetbutton.
    I’ve been searching online for a connectiondiagram iin order to attach a resetbutton myself
    but i cant fnd anything abouth that either.
    Even not sure it actually is a CHD3NET but i got the booklet of CHD3NET.
    It worked for a few days but when i wanted to log in to the configurationpage, my admin-password
    didnt work anymore.
    I am sure it is the right password because i had just changed it.
    So my question is:
    Can anyone tell me where to attach the resetbutton?


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