Upcoming fixes Beta firmware CFULLHDMA

Conceptronic CFULLHDMA beta release version number:

  • It fixes an issue causing the CFULLHDMA to crash when a user is using DVD Shrink to rip a DVD and where an audio track was removed
  • In previous version in NFS mode the MKV trick mode was not working
  • In previous version some M2TS/MKV could not be played correctly (loading icon appeared), 
  • In previous version when editing the iMedia URL from PC it could crash

After upgrading and reboot, please turn off (remove power-cord) and turn on (insert power-cord) again.

Beta testers will be informed when this version is available. If you are not beta-tester you can apply but you will only get an e-mail when I offer a new beta firmware version. So the current beta version will not be send to you.

10 thoughts on “Upcoming fixes Beta firmware CFULLHDMA

  1. Hans says:

    Hi Dennis,

    Ook ik ben in het bezit van een CFULLHDMA en zou graag ook de beta’s willen ontvangen en uittesten.

    grtz. Hans

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