DMC – Disco Mix Club –

Is there somewhere out in this Internet world who has ‘All’ DMC mixes (albums) available in MP3/Flac or WAV?

Since this frontpage is hit many times a day I guess I can ask if some reader has these awesome mixes.

4 thoughts on “DMC – Disco Mix Club –

  1. HI,I have DMC issues 1-5,25,26,49,52,58,64,75,76,79,80,86,118-127,141-155,199,201,213,216-219,225,231-238,240,244,248-250,253-257,259,277-279,282,284,288,292,293,295-297,299-302,304,306,308-312.

    Also have Mastermix issues:


  2. paul says:


    I would love to have copies of all your DMC issues and Mastermix as well. I checked their website and found some cool songs especially songs such as ATB vs Everything but the Girl, Madonna vs…., Michael Jackson vs…..etc. They’re pretty expensive though (15 UK). I was wondering where can I download some DMC remixes. Have a great weekend!



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