6 thoughts on “What should this feature do?

  1. miha72 says:

    (maybe offtopic, but anyways)
    since it is a ‘cast I would use it to enter podcasts. I would like to see titles as names.
    More and more tv stations and publications present podcasts in mp3, mp4 or m4v.
    The feature you presented in 1.13.01 with TV stations would also be near this section.

  2. Edwin says:

    I would like to view my wireless network camera by fullhdma.
    I use an Axis 207W IP camera, which outputs several streams like motion jpeg
    or MP4. It makes use of real time stream protocal (RTSP). I have the feeling it should be possible with fullhdma, since MP4 is supported, but as far as I know RTSP is not supported.

  3. Kroondomein says:

    shoutcast support would be great. Ik would like to browse throug genres, selecting music stations, adding them to my favorites, search for artists now playing…just your everyday internet radio usage :)

  4. quattro says:

    to answer this question:
    the name suggests some affiliation with shoutcast.com
    it would be more then great, if the next page would be a list of genres:

    the next klick should present a list:
    station-name, bitrate, actual listeners

    AND: (!)
    this feature should appear on a CFULLHDMA (without the ‘i’)
    I’ve bought on in mid december.
    pretty please :)

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