Message to self: this is a clean desk


as our office is moving to another building I have to remind me that this is how my desk is looking after cleaning it, ready to be moved ..

We get a much nicer building. Smaller but nicer ..

Shall I make every day a ‘mug-shot’ of my desk? to see if I can keep it a ‘clean-desk’ ?

7 thoughts on “Message to self: this is a clean desk

  1. Dirk says:

    …if it helps you to feel a little preassure from us by expecting a clean desk like this every day ;-) ;-) ;-)… why not?! ;-) … perhaps i should post a pic of my flat also ;-) …

  2. The color of the stand of HP is darker, i think :P hmmm dunno?

    Even though i see now that the stand is a little too short to use the docking-station of the laptop (which was included in mine).

  3. Oh :P Didn’t think, that Conceptronic sells this :P Looking at the specs, it’s a little to short for me as i want to use the dockingstation :)

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