Preparing some FW (firmware) release


added uptime support, but … no support on shell level. Sorry.


Lan settings fixed as well ..

More items? Probably .. xbox360 support, I can send e-mails …

For E-mail we have some neat things

Received: from 123.456.789 (HELO (123.456.789)

Ahhh… full domain offered so that it will be accepted by mailservers only accepting full qualified domainnames.

Subject: CH3SNAS_E-Mail_Alert
Message-ID: <>
Auto-Submitted: auto-generated

Ahh .. Auto-Submitted, again using RFC’s so that certain mailservers do not have to reply.

I’ll release the new firmware for the CH3SNAS asap ;-)

9 thoughts on “Preparing some FW (firmware) release

  1. HSishi says:

    Mh, can’t wait for it :)

    I’m always impressed when not-upgradeable hardware can do more and better things just because people use their mind for programming.


  2. Frank says:

    Awesome, especially since I just got an XBox!
    Thank you and the guys at Conceptronic for still supporting this now rather dated device, and even adding new features/functionality. You don’t see that everyday.

    Can’t wait!

  3. Lothar says:

    “Dated device”??? C’mon,mine is about 6 month old and I wanna keep it least another year or so :-)
    Despite that: very nice and fast job Dennis!! I hope we can test your efforts quite soon :-)

  4. Frank says:

    Yes, by “dated device” I meant to say that it’s been around for a while (in the IT world). It’s been released in 2007.

    Try finding an update for a cell phone from 2007 that adds new functionality (iPhone excluded :)

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