Prerelease 1.05b3 firmware CH3SNAS

Prerelease 1.05b3 firmware

  • New: Support for XBOX360.
  • New: Support Uptime in menu.
  • Changed: Improved the imprecise counter of disk formatting. (Notice: make sure there does not exist ANY partition on the HDD (especially when using a HDD already used. If there exist a partition it can fail the format very quick after starting the process.
  • Fixed: LAN speeds is always providing speed: 0 (see SETUP – LAN in User Interface) : Fixed.
  • Fixed: Email alert issue : unable to send out email with some SMTP server.
  • Fixed: UPnP AV server can play MKV video, but can’t play VOB and HD DivX video.
  • Fixed : Schedule download function failure.
  • Fixed : FTP function failure.
  • Added support for some Hitachi drives
  • (Unify the error message wordings between UserInterface and EasySearch Utility.

Just before it will be released officially through the website, people who like to test can grab it and give feedback.

Download: Firmware 1.05b3

Download: Easy Search Utility

33 thoughts on “Prerelease 1.05b3 firmware CH3SNAS

  1. TimTie says:

    Hoi Dennis,

    Is het niet mogelijk om ook nzb support standaard in de firmware te bouwen en of bittorend support?

  2. Thanks Dennis, i will update my CH3SNAS in a few moments. Could everyone report their problems and bugs in english please? Would be very kind! Thank you in advance!


  3. Casper says:

    How should I be able to get the UPNP AV server working with the xbox 360.

    I updated my firmware to 1.05b3. Enabled the UPNP server, added my Shares and refreshed, but it still doesn’t come up on my xbox 360.

    Am I forgetting something?

  4. HSishi says:

    Same here, CH3SNAS rebooted and UPnPAV server started to index the files. In earlier versions I could see from now on at least some files or the folder structure, but now I get a “No media server” from my UPnP network player.

    I’ll give the CH3SNAS some time (until tomorrow, it has to index ~ 75 GB) and check then if a mediaserver is available.


  5. After upgrading You should and MUST reset your device to FACTORY defaults before using the new firmware.

    Certain scripts only get to work properly when doing so

  6. Daniel says:

    Hej Dennis,

    Ik heb hem ook maar eens geinstalleerd.
    Alles lijkt goed te gaan op het connecten na met me xbox hij ziet de nas server wel alleen geen video bestanden ik heb een map met allemaal wmvhd bestanden gedeeld en die ziet hij niet.

    groet Daniel

  7. Casper says:

    Thanks Dennis, forgot to reset to factory defaults. My x360 now shows the server as Ch3snas:Ch3snas.

    Everything is working well, both audio and video(even wmvhd!).

    Sometimes the x360 reports it can’t connect, but when u try it a few times it will index the files.

    Very Nice upgrade! Goodbye Twonky…

  8. inloggentest says:

    “jammer genoeg ziet mijn xbox de ch3snas ook nog niet :(”
    Mijn xbox ziet de ch3nas ook niet met de voorlaatste laatste versie van xbmc for xbox. Ben nu wel de T3CH beta1 XBMC for Xbox versie versie aan het d/l om te kijken of het daarmee wel werkt.

    Overigens kan ik vanaf mijn Mac met met Plex (xbmc fork) de ch3snas ook niet zien, smb natuurlijk wel en de itunes server werkt ook.

    Heeft iemand een idee hoe ik het mt-daapd.conf bestand zou kunnen aanpassen zodat ik meer playlists te zien krijg dan de standaard 60’s, recently addes en non DRM?


  9. dude says:

    Come on guys, it’s asked before, speek English.
    You’re on the internet.
    (En zo moeilijk is dat niet.)

  10. HSishi says:

    Speaking english has the advantage, other people except Dutch can help you.

    After two days now the CH3SNAS doesn’t operate as UPnP A/V server. After a reboot my hardware UPnP player (a Fritz! Mini on a 7170) says “No contents” message, some later, when CH3SNAS finished indexing, “No Mediaserver”.

    For those with Telnet or SSH access on their CH3SNAS – what’s the UPnP A/V server’s process name?


  11. Lothar says:

    I can confirm the UPNP AV server obviously stopped working in 1.05b03…
    I’ve tried several things (including several “refresh” actions) but to no avail. Am I doing something wrong?
    Funny, but in 1.05b02 the FTP server stopped working, not it hits the UPnP server :-) Maybe the CH3SNAS is only licensed for one single server type :-) :-)

  12. Lothar,

    I can assure you that the UPnP server has been tested before the firmware was released

    Did you reset to factory defaults?

    do you run fun_plug what is ‘ps’ telling you what is running? etc..

  13. HSishi says:

    Mh, I must have missed the 1.05b2.

    I went back to the 1.04, all servers work atm.

    I saved the configuration before I did a factory reset, then updated to 1.05b3, then re-loaded the configuration settings. Of course it’s possible now there might be something corrupt …

    Is there a way to edit the config settings file to make only certain settings, e.g. user accounts and group settings, leaving all other stuff on factory defaults?


  14. Lothar says:

    Dennis, despite all testing I assume something is wrong. The UPNP server worked ok in all versions up to the latest one for me. I do not use funplug normally, but I will install it to check if the upnp server is runnig. Besides that, all symptoms I experienced are extremely similar to what HiSishi wrote… Pure coincidence?
    BTW, first I forgot to reset to factory defaults, but this firmware version really shows a wierd behaviour if not resetted to defaults :-)

  15. I’m sorry, but why does nobody READ the notes for upgrading to a new firmware? Why do others report that the upnp is working (Casper)?

    Don’t blame everything on Conceptronic or Dennis…

    Thanks for your Work Dennis, i’ve tested the new Version which works flawlessly on two CH3SNAS. I haven’t tested the UPNP-Server as i don’t have an xbox, but the rest works.

  16. Lothar says:

    Rubbish. After all this is prerelease software and this was released to ask users (like us) to test it. Nobody is blaming “Conceptronic or Dennis”. We are just sharing observations.
    BTT: Dennis, Casper reports a working UPnP AV connection to an Xbox (I believe), but as far as I see HSishi and myself use a “standard” AV box (a TG100 in my case). Could this make a difference??
    Again, heads up, other than that this is a very good and mature software release and I’m convinced all remaining problems are just minor ones!

  17. Lothar says:

    Dennis, I have now installed funplug and found to my surprise that upnp server is NOT running. At least I don’t identify it as such?!?!
    Just to make sure, I repeated the folowing steps: reset to factory defaults, switch on upnp server via admin menu (but not set to ch3snas_root, I have a special “media directory” path).

    What else can I do? Besides that, I noticed 3 “prescan” processes, what are they? Are they related to the upnp server ?
    There are also 2 prcesses running which are obviously doing something with my media titles… (see last 2 procs). No clue what this is?!?!?

    Looks like this:
    3112 root prescan
    3169 root prescan
    3170 root prescan
    6952 root ps aux
    6955 root sh -c detect_char_encode “Til Kingdom Come (Hidden TrackX And Y (Special Edition) (2CDCol
    6956 root detect_char_encode Til Kingdom Come (Hidden TrackX And Y (Special Edition) (2CDColdplay
    / #

  18. HSishi says:

    Ok, let’s make things clear, I did the following, step by step.

    The media path mentioned later is on “Volume_1/home/media” and contains ~ 76 GB in over 21.000 files.

    0: FW is 1.05b3, FW date is 04/16/2009, CH3SNAS on factory defaults.
    1. I disabled the FunPlug by renaming “funplug” to “funplug.disabled”.
    2. I restarted the CH3SNAS via web interface. –> CH3SNAS indexed something but did NOT operate a media server.
    3. I disabled the UPNP AV server and reenabled it. CH3SNAS still indexed files, but still no UPNP AV server.

    4. I downgraded the FW to 1.04rc6 (date 08/22/2008) and rebooted. –> CH3SNAS offered a media server with the share “CH3SNAS_SHARE”, but no content.
    5. I disabled the iTunes server and set the UPNP media server folder to my media path (see above). I got a media server now, but without content.

    6. I did a hardware reset (the little button on the back). CH3SNAS indexed the root directory for both UPNP AV and iTunes server. I also get the media server with the share “CH3SNAS_SHARE”, but no content.
    7. I set the UPNP AV path again to my media path, disabled the iTunes server and made a restart. I get the media server, but again, without content.

    8. I downgraded firmware again, to 1.03. After reboot, I got the mediaserver, but again, without content.

    At this point, I gave up. I set the FW back to 1.05b1 and reapplied a configuration backup from this FW.

    I have no idea what’s going on with my device. I’ll continue trying new FW revisions and hopefully my device snaps back into normal condition some day.

    Is there any way to make a “clean recovery”, that means erasing the whole flash rom and applying a fresh factory firmware incl. factory defaults?


  19. Lothar says:

    Very nice HSishi, so I want to follow your path and explain in detail what I did:

    1. Starting point FW 1.05B1: upnp is working, media path is /Volume_1/media.

    2. Flashed 1.05B2: upnp still working!

    3. Flashed 1.05B3: seems everything is working, even ftp – besides upnp, that is. My media client does not show any upnp server in my local LAN, so I suspected something is really going wrong here….

    4. Installed fun_plug to be able to check proc table. What I found: ch3snas is actually running indexing scripts/prescanning but no upnp server (“/sys/crfs/…/upnp 0…”). Tried to start it manually, but dumped core.

    5. Saw Dennis’ hint to restart ch3snas by rear switch…. did it!

    6. Same as under 4. To be sure I restarted the ch3snas once again via rear switch.
    No change.

    7. Followed Dennis suggestion to go back to 1.05B1 (upnp is running fine), then flash 1.05B2 again (upnp still running after hard reset), then 1.05B3 again (and of course reset again by rear switch).
    Same as before, NAS is indexing/prescanning but upnp does not want to run… Starting manually results in core dump, as happened before.

    So here I gave up and went back to 1.03 – I cannot use 1.05b1, since I want to have the email notifications.
    Flashed to 1.03, did the reset I’m used to in the meantime et voila: upnp running fine.
    I guess I’ll stay there as long as there are not at least 50 confirmations about a working upnp in newer FW versions … :-)

    Good luck!

  20. HSishi says:

    After doing something else, I tried it from another side. I suspected something might be wrong with the file rights.

    Starting FW was 1.05b1, running FunPlug.
    I telnet’ed my box and did a “chmod -R 777 *.*” in my media folder, followed by a “chmod -R a-x *.*”. I checked the settings of my UPNP server, showed him the way to my media again (no idea how this got lost) and voila – UPNP server indexed and immediately showed contents on my UPNP players.

    So I gave the 1.05b3 another chance.

    Sorry to say it, but again, UPNP AV server from 1.05b3 does not work. Device scanned my files, but “ps aux” does not show any UPNP process.

    So finally I returned to 1.05 b1 (didn’t have the b2 one, is it available from somewhere here on this site?) and have a working UPNP AV server again.

    BTW, there seems to be an occasionally problem when flash operation is done via Firefox 3.0.9. After selecting the FW file and clicking “Apply” the process stopped with an browser error message.
    Doing the same with IE engine in FF browser works fine.


  21. inloggentest says:

    Oke, in response to my earlier post in Dutch. It is clear now that the Upnp part does not work properly, I am sure it will be fixed.

    Besides that, does anyone know how to config the mt-daapd.conf file so I can see more than the standard 60’s, recently added and non DRM playlists in iTunes?
    What is the user name and password of the itunes webserver? When I log into http://ch3snas:3689 I have to fill i a user name and password I don’t know.

  22. Harno says:

    With this new firmware version there is by me something wrong with the data and time. I created a new file on the NAS on 27-04-2009 23.20. When i look at the file creation data and time the nas shows 28-04-2009 09.20. After the firmware upgrade i give the nas a hard reset with the resetbutton on the backside.

    The date and time in the webinterface is ok.

    I did not have this with the last previous firmware version.

  23. Casper says:

    Just to confirm; The UPNP AV Server is still working over here!

    I only use it to stream to my xbox360, haven’t tested it on other devices.

    It was running for 4 days without any problems. Had to restart the Ch3snas yesterday since the Ch3snas UPNP AV server didn’t work correctly. But after that everything was working like it should.

    It can take some time to index the files when running other heavy processes.
    Sometimes the xbox360 reports that it can’t connect, but after trying a few times it will connect most of the time.

    This is what i did to get it running.
    1. Upgraded firmware to 1.05b3 (I’m using the fun_plug so I used the tutorial)
    2. Enabled the UPNP AV server
    3. Selected my Share directory and refreshed
    4. Reset to factory defaults

    ps. I don’t have the FTP server runnning.

  24. Thanks Casper, indeed there can be situations were everything is fine and situations were it is not .. my engineers are debugging now

  25. Casper says:

    No problem Dennis, i’m just happy I won’t have to use Twonky anymore. This firmware upgrade is a far better solution in my situation!

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