Prerelease 1.05b3 firmware CH3SNAS

Prerelease 1.05b3 firmware

  • New: Support for XBOX360.
  • New: Support Uptime in menu.
  • Changed: Improved the imprecise counter of disk formatting. (Notice: make sure there does not exist ANY partition on the HDD (especially when using a HDD already used. If there exist a partition it can fail the format very quick after starting the process.
  • Fixed: LAN speeds is always providing speed: 0 (see SETUP – LAN in User Interface) : Fixed.
  • Fixed: Email alert issue : unable to send out email with some SMTP server.
  • Fixed: UPnP AV server can play MKV video, but can’t play VOB and HD DivX video.
  • Fixed : Schedule download function failure.
  • Fixed : FTP function failure.
  • Added support for some Hitachi drives
  • (Unify the error message wordings between UserInterface and EasySearch Utility.

Just before it will be released officially through the website, people who like to test can grab it and give feedback.

Download: Firmware 1.05b3

Download: Easy Search Utility