Looking for a Linux script(er)

I’m looking for someone who is able to create a simple script

it must be able to download nzb files from a rss feed like feeds from tvnzb.com (or from other sites around)

with options like: download files start with harpers+island with x264 in the filename or 720p etc.. so that in this situation something like Harpers.Island.S01E07.720p.HDTV.X264-DIMENSION would be downloaded. In this situation nzbfiles matching certain criteria will be auto-downloaded and put in a folder.
I used TV NZB Reader already but that one is for Windows and I want to use it on the Conceptronic CH3SNAS device

So if anyone likes this … Please help me! ;-)

7 thoughts on “Looking for a Linux script(er)

  1. Alex says:

    I think you are looking for a script for downloading television series? I use the following application:

    Leechr v0.4.6 (C)2008-2009 Paul Ashton – http://ashysoft.wordpress.com

    Just add all your series on myepisodes.com and it will work automatically for you ;-)

  2. Alex

    that is for sure a good start.
    Although I needed to install python it is for sure a good script ..
    tested it quickly last night .. seems ok ;-)

  3. Ricardo

    it will not give me ‘control’

    I would rather run the script at my own server and than have also ability to have the feed being used to download the nzb’s to the location I need

  4. Ricardo says:

    True, with MyTvNZB you would depend on the site’s availability (sometimes it stays down for days)…

    Regarding the automatic fetching of nzbs, I managed to make Dave Lers’s PPWeb/WFNzb run within an install of your nzbget+nzbgetweb package on my DNS323. It required some extra ffp packages, a bit of CPAN fiddling and a mess of symbolic links (which could have been avoided if I weren’t so lazy), but now I have a watchlist of tv-series and movies. When a match is found on nzbrus or nzbmatrix the nzb is retrieved, unpacked if needed and queued on nzbget. The script also keeps a db of retrieved files, so it always knows what is the next episode to go after.

    I made a small adaptation to the post-processing script, so everytime it finishes the unrar for a job it sends me an email alert. All I have to do now is to look for new series to be added to my watchlist and fire up my HTPC with MediaPortal when I get the email alert. No more nzb sites browsing :)

    I’ll have some free time this week, so I will try to come up with a script to process RSS feeds. But with my poor perl skills, I wouldn’t expect much… :(

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