Big Server Upgrade

just updated the server to Centos 5.2 and made sure that all Plesk errors were solved. Little issue with the MySQL server but that was also quickly solved. Phew .. back to watching some TV series ..

3 thoughts on “Big Server Upgrade

  1. RDC says:

    FYI: when I try to open an unread forum thread/post (from I get the following error:

    An error was encountered

    Unable to connect to MySQL and select database. MySQL reported: Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock’ (2)

    Note: For detailed error information (necessary for troubleshooting), enable “DEBUG mode”. To enable “DEBUG mode”, open up the file config.php in a text editor, add a line that looks like “define(‘FORUM_DEBUG’, 1);” (without the quotation marks), and re-upload the file. Once you’ve solved the problem, it is recommended that “DEBUG mode” be turned off again (just remove the line from the file and re-upload it).

    This also occurs when using the “New Posts” link.

  2. RDC says:

    Well, whatever you did to check it, it seems to have worked. It now works. What a coincidence. ;o)

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