CFULLHDMA(i): Beta firmware 1.17.38

Released to beta testers today

Version v01.17.38

fixed: avi/ts playback issue
improved: the performance for playback 1080p
Fixed: the HWICS issue

Beta testers will receive the info for download later today. Non beta testers will be able to use this firmware next week through the official internet download channel.

As you can see Conceptronic is alive and kicking ! Thank you for your trust !

3 thoughts on “CFULLHDMA(i): Beta firmware 1.17.38

  1. Dirk says:

    …great news!… so we just have to get the dts drop outs fixed! then it lokks like the perfect fw to me …

  2. wayrunner says:


    I see better performance, but the hickups continue

    And, i need to try better but it seems to play mp3 with bad quality

    Thanks for your effort.

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