Yuixx – Showing some video

[mediaplayer src=’http://www.aroundmyroom.com/video/Yuixx-Final.wmv’ autoLoad=1 muted=0 ]

Short video showing the YuiXX playing a movie, with quick interaction with menu and really quick scaling of it in the TV screen.

18 thoughts on “Yuixx – Showing some video

  1. eM82 says:

    thanks for the video, but I think there was nothin new in this movie…
    I would like to see some info about the Recording capability. :P
    And/Or to watch the superbooting, and the webbrowser in work.


  2. JJ says:

    Can you please post some info about the size and weight of the yuiix? Also, is the power supply internal or external? If external, can you also give me the dimensions and weight?

  3. Hi JJ, I have seen you submitted this question in multiple channels. I believe you will get or have received the info already. correct?

  4. JJ says:


    I’ve received the answer from 2L. If anyone wants to know, the here is the answer:

    Dimensions: 315mm x 200mm x 45mm (has been made suitable to add 3,5 inch

    1.6 kg (without HDD & external power supply)

    Only minus side is the probable release date



  5. Zorta says:

    Thanks JJ!
    some extra weeks for delivery and still this year a yuixx in the living room :-)
    Make it a good one Dennis!

  6. Aaron says:

    I wish we got more updates on the yuixx. I really want a mediaplayer soon, but think i better can wait for the yuixx. Anybody got some news? Pics .. or vids?

  7. JJ says:

    Also wish there were more info. Last time i heard, it would be available in November :-(

    Each time it seems more and more vaporware :-(

  8. JJ, maybe you see no direct update on this website, but a lot of things cannot be communicated from my tech-blog right now …

    that is why you see more info in newspapers, it-websites etc..
    last week a Wegener Paper like De Stentor put an article only written by Tonie van Ringelestijn about the Yuixx, Metrological etc..

    I will write on the blog news when I have something to say which has to do with tech aspects of the device.

  9. JJ says:


    I see no update on anywhere (not here, not on mpcclub…). But thanks for keep our hope alive. I really hope the yuixx gets out before Christmas, since this is the only device that’s making me hold on on buying the tvix 6600 ;)

  10. Rolf says:

    when the yuixx will come out, is DVS-S directly available or is that expected later ?
    If so, when can we expect the yuixx with DVS-S onboard ?

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