24h in a day

and on my TV series list are too much new or returning TV series (note: some tv series are not mentioned as they had already there Season Finale.

Cougar Town (*), Eastwick (*), Merlin (*), Dollhouse (*), Supernatural (*), Glee (?), Californication (*), Community (?), The Good Wife (?), Melrose Place (??), Heroes (*), Sons of Anarchy (*), The Mentalist (*), Warehouse 13 (*), Castle (*), NCIS Los Angeles (?),  Being Human (?), Burn Notice (*), Smallville (*), Vampire Dairies (?), Bones (*), Leverage (*), Dark Blue (*)

How could I forget (thanks Matthijs): Dexter (*), Lost (*), Flash Forward (?)  (thanks Dirk)

Still searching for all Seasons How I met your mother ;-)

* = Watching and keep watching and I like it

? = Oh Oh .. to keep or not to keep? (or not watched yet)

?? = Probably /dev/null

Wow .. too much and probably I am missing some TV series (anyone?)

6 thoughts on “24h in a day

  1. Dirk says:

    you have to watch flash forward!!! great show withlots of potential!!! for a good laugh the big bang theory. and of course dexter!!!!

  2. Ja, waar haal je toch die tijd vandaaan? Moet er niet gewoon gewerkt worden?

    Nou ja…..als er iemand is die wel een serie (NCIS Los Angeles) voor je wilt kijken……dan bied ik me vrijwiliig aan!

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