24h in a day

and on my TV series list are too much new or returning TV series (note: some tv series are not mentioned as they had already there Season Finale.

Cougar Town (*), Eastwick (*), Merlin (*), Dollhouse (*), Supernatural (*), Glee (?), Californication (*), Community (?), The Good Wife (?), Melrose Place (??), Heroes (*), Sons of Anarchy (*), The Mentalist (*), Warehouse 13 (*), Castle (*), NCIS Los Angeles (?),  Being Human (?), Burn Notice (*), Smallville (*), Vampire Dairies (?), Bones (*), Leverage (*), Dark Blue (*)

How could I forget (thanks Matthijs): Dexter (*), Lost (*), Flash Forward (?)  (thanks Dirk)

Still searching for all Seasons How I met your mother ;-)

* = Watching and keep watching and I like it

? = Oh Oh .. to keep or not to keep? (or not watched yet)

?? = Probably /dev/null

Wow .. too much and probably I am missing some TV series (anyone?)

New TV-Series: Now, This Fall & Winter

Here some series I am watching or going to watch.

  • New Series: Dark Blue (now!), pilot was satisfactory wonder how the season will go further
  • New Series: The Vampire Diaries (starts september 10, CW), seems to be interesting series
  • New Season: Smalville (starts late september, 25 CW)
  • New Season: Supernatural (starts september 10,