Official Release: 1.17.22.xx CFULLHDMA firmware

Customers with a CFULLHDMA or CFULLHDMAi have the ability to upgrade their device to / or

The most important fix is the ‘Pause’ issue and we have added the ‘Conceptronic Recommends’ channel in IMedia. Interesting channels are available through a menu. Note that this function is still experimental.


  • Fixed: system hang when playing DVD files (iso and ifo approach) and then pause for several minutes, and then press the play button again
  • Added: HWICS link as “Conceptronic recommends” / “Hwics://”
  • Fixed photo thumbnail mode crash issue sometimes
  • Fixed photo exif information not cleaned all when slideshow mode
  • Fixed mpeg2 no sound issue at S/PDIF option off
  • Support multiple language for Youtube catagory
  • Speed up network share searching time when switching network

our team of developers is working very hard to solve certain bugs mentioned by beta testers. For instance some DTS drops and the performance of 1080p which is under debugging now.