How to mount the CH3SNAS in your Linux System

A few firmware versions ago Conceptronic enabled the NFS kernel module in their CH3SNAS. With the help of Fonz’ fun_plug version 0.4 and it’s NFS addons you can easily mount the CH3SNAS into your Linux System

  1. Download Fun_Plug version 0.4
  2. Install the package and reboot the CH3SNAS
  3. Download NFS Utils
  4. Download Portmap
  5. Download unfs [not necessary for CH3SNAS]

put the 3 files in the root of the CH3SNAS

unpack the files with tar -xzvf [package name] the files will be put in the correct folders now.

Update: above way is not the correct way: you should use from the fun_plug tools.

You can see the correct installation if and are is in the fun_plug start folder /mnt/HD_a2/fun_plug.d/start

Make sure the files can be started during reboot (or boot) by chmodding them:

chmod +x

chmod +x

Reboot your device

Go to your Linux System and create a folder where you want the CH3SNAS share to appear. I want to share my Volume_1 and put it in /home/backup/ch3snas. My command to correctly mount the Conceptronic CH3SNAS is:

mount [device-name or device-ip]:/mnt/[path to folder] /target/ folder/linux system

For example:

mount /home/backup/ch3snas

you can check now the contents of /home/backup/ch3snas by doing a ls -l for example