Is the following line for mounting samba shares a good one?

smbmount //server/share /tmp/mountpoing -o lfs,codepage=cp437,iocharset=utf8,username=xx,password=xx

Or has someone a better mount line? Like something with CIFS?

Trying to understand: CH3SNAS & NFS = Help needed !

I’ve written earlier a simple howto for users with a CH3SNAS to work with NFS. UNFS is a user space implementation of the NFSv3 protocol. This is working flawlessly on the CH3SNAS with various Linux PC’s I am running (CentOS, Debian, Linux Embedded device etc.. )

but for a VMware implementation I need the READDIRPLUS procedure which is not available in UNFS. So I need to run Kernel-NFS on the CH3SNAS

Fonz fun_plug is providing Kernel NFS (enabled in the CH3SNAS) and UNFS. Installation is easy and almost fool proof.

The issue is following: on all my linux boxes (CentOS, Debian etc.. ) I get following message:

mount: mount to NFS server ‘’ failed: timed out (retrying).

  • rcpinfo -p gives all correct info
  • showmount -e gives all correct exports
  • rpcinfo -u gives:

program 100005 version 1 ready and waiting
program 100005 version 2 ready and waiting
program 100005 version 3 ready and waiting

  • Showmount -a gives the mount points I ‘tried’ to use:

All mount points on

and even syslogd gives on the NFS server (CH3SNAS):

Jun 12 18:33:07 DEVELOPMENT daemon.notice mountd[1868]: authenticated mount request from for /mnt/HD_a2 (/mnt/HD_a2)

  • Portmap is running at server and client!!

I am totally not understanding why I get time-outs. I do not have a firewall, I do not use iptables. Today I tried in another environment the same: always the error:

mount: mount to NFS server ‘’ failed: timed out (retrying).

suddenly here at home after about 20 minutes trying to mount the NFS share, the NFS server has been mounted on my local system. But when umounting and mounting again I have again same situation. In my work environment it was totally not possible (standard Debian setup and a CentOS configuration) to have the NFS share mounted. Although it is similar setup ..

So although al tools tells me that everything is correct: I am not getting any mount :-(

Is there anyone with enough NFS knowledge who can tell me why the NFS share is not mounted?

How to mount the CH3SNAS in your Linux System

A few firmware versions ago Conceptronic enabled the NFS kernel module in their CH3SNAS. With the help of Fonz’ fun_plug version 0.4 and it’s NFS addons you can easily mount the CH3SNAS into your Linux System

  1. Download Fun_Plug version 0.4
  2. Install the package and reboot the CH3SNAS
  3. Download NFS Utils
  4. Download Portmap
  5. Download unfs [not necessary for CH3SNAS]

put the 3 files in the root of the CH3SNAS

unpack the files with tar -xzvf [package name] the files will be put in the correct folders now.

Update: above way is not the correct way: you should use funpkg.sh from the fun_plug tools.

You can see the correct installation if nfsd.sh and unfsd.sh are is in the fun_plug start folder /mnt/HD_a2/fun_plug.d/start

Make sure the files can be started during reboot (or boot) by chmodding them:

chmod +x nfsd.sh

chmod +x unfsd.sh

Reboot your device

Go to your Linux System and create a folder where you want the CH3SNAS share to appear. I want to share my Volume_1 and put it in /home/backup/ch3snas. My command to correctly mount the Conceptronic CH3SNAS is:

mount [device-name or device-ip]:/mnt/[path to folder] /target/ folder/linux system

For example:

mount /home/backup/ch3snas

you can check now the contents of /home/backup/ch3snas by doing a ls -l for example