Iittala Service is great


In April we bought an Oil and Vinegar stainless steelset as shown above in a shop selling Iittala . (and yeah they are expensive)

Within 2 months both bottoms of the bottles had a crack in the glass. We were very surprised that this could happen. But … finally after finding some time now in October I e-mail with Iittala and wrote them that I had this issue. Within 2 days the wrote me an e-mail telling me I could contact a iittala shop in Holland (no problem where I asked for a repair/refund or exchange).

I called with Iittala Amersfoort and spoke with the friendly shop manager/owner. I called Friday, left some personal info and went together with Lilian on Saturday to the shop. We showed the 2 bottles and within 2 minutes we got 2 new Oil and Vinegar stainless steel bottles …

Great Service from Iittala !!! WOW ! .. Thank you people of Iittala !

Iittala creates objects that are thought through in form, function and quality. Objects with a clear thought, created to achieve long lasting everyday use and inspiration. Whether in metal, wood, porcelain or glass, Iittala design objects are tools for contemporary living