Wow…. January 2011

First flying to the US to Las Vegas … than one day back home flying to London (never been there before in my life …) .. and from London we flew back to Holland and after a few days I flew with Lilian to Hurghada in Egypt … That’s a nice trip with lots of airmiles …

Although the diving holiday was too short (only 4 days with 8 dives) the things we saw under water was wonderful: snorkling with a Manta (only 50cm from me away, than turning, looking at me: asking itself: what the hell is he doing …. than a deepdive to 40m just to see how the experience is and than see a turtle as well ..

Wow … Now back to the email for work .. busy !


So, this week the “blog” will be in ‘auto-mode’ we are having some fun-time in NY/USA and tomorrow morning we will go to Schiphol. Last week Barcelona, now USA .. long time not been there ..

All is ready, we checked-in and are waiting to take-off .. if possible we do some remote blogging if possible.

5 jaar geleden

minus een paar weken waren Erik (mijn jongere broer) en ik in de Yoe Es of Ah. Bijna aan het einde van onze 80 dagen tellende wereldreis. Van Australie naar Nieuw Zeeland, Hawaii naar L.A en SF, LV en NY. 2 Weken na onze reis 9/11 (11 september) … in datzelfde NY … jullie kennen wat er gebeurde.


This image we took end of august 2001. Digital Cameras were still very very expensive.

That skyline will never be the same anymore.