last week deleted by a major mistake.
My Blogger Code will return here tonight.

Update: Here is my Bloggercode:

B4 d++ t+ k++ s++ u f+ i+ o+ x+ e l c–

Which means as much as:

The explanation of your blog code:

I’ve been blogging for 9-12 months. I own 2 or more domains that are updated regularly.
I manage my blog with Greymatter, Movable Type, or other management system running on my own web host.
I have so many links I couldn’t possibly read them all on a regular basis and/or I nearly always add a link to a site that has linked to mine.
I check my stats at least once a day, I keep my tables in a spreadsheet, and I can tell you my average daily and monthly visitors without having to look it up.
I link to the standard blog Gods (Megnut, Kottke, Robot Wisdom, etc.), because I enjoy reading their sites regularly. I post at least once a day.
I can’t remember the last day I haven’t blogged. I sometimes carry a laptop or PDA with me, or I’ll find an internet cafe, and I blog soon after
I get an idea. I blog some original material with the occasional web link with accompanying personal commentary about the link.
I’ve dated and/or slept with another blogger and/or met my significant other through blogging.
I have posted at least a photo of my face on my blog, but not much more. I’ve taken a few surveys or participated in a few memes, but there seem to be so many of them I have to pick and choose. Nearly all of my offline friends, family members, and co-workers know about my blog, and that’s fine.

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