Do not expect much updates this week: I’m off to the Cebit tomorrow.

I’m preparing myself: Germany … Here we come… the attack of the Dutch .. nahhh .. ;-) Munchener Halle? I’ve no idea .. It’s my 7th year I think I will visit the Cebit and I think I’ve seen all already. Not much new to see.
30% less exhibitors this year compared to last year..
A one day ticket: EUR 35 … !!! ( they are crazy .. )

I will make lot’s of images with my digital camera and will put them on my server later this week ..

Psst: do not expect ZeroDay updates untill Friday !
Part 18 will be removed @ around 18.00 PM today.

3 thoughts on “Ugh..

  1. Gray Thunder says:

    think the a$$hole bunch came to me today!!!
    there just plain dumb!!
    i give up…………..


  2. Have fun at Cebit :) I’m going there myself next weekend. Foto’s of last years visit are on my weblog. Looking forward to it though it’s already my 5th time.

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