MRTG Totals

I am a statistics freak. So I have a lot of statistics running to track a lot of things: quota’s of my webserver, datathroughput of my adsl modem, accesspoint, memory, processes ..
Find it here

A week ago or so I found at the website of Jez Hancock (Hi Jez) an extension to mrtg to create a bargraph overview of mrtg totals. A mail and a reply later I was able to see how he did it. Kewl. Jez used a script from Joseph Wendel called: mrtg total.

Installing GD for Perl and I could use the script. Gentlemen: thanks!

You can find one of the MRTG Total page here to get an idea what I have.

oh btw. checking the stats with the stats of my ISP: they are fairly accurate/equal for this month ;-)

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