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  1. Lothar says:

    Just coming back to Uli’s question from above. Is there any news from the development team about a new (beta?) version which fixes the email notification bug – and possibly some other minor hassles, like the uptime bug and the missing connection speed display?
    At least something “quick and dirty”? :-)

  2. first of all, what is the e-mail notification bug?

    Do you use internal DNS, or do you use external DNS?
    Do you use external E-mail or internal e-mail ( mailserver ) ?

    Please give more info

    uptime bug?
    Fun_Plug is not supported so there is no uptime bug. Seems stupid, but that is a fact unfortunately

  3. Lothar says:

    The “e-mail notification bug” has been acknowledged by several people here (see above) and elsewhere. If you try to setup notification mail via CH3SNAS menu Tools->E-mail Alerts->Login Method “account” the connection will fail with an error message (you will observe this behaviour already during setup if sending a test mail). Sending via “anonymous” in some cases works with the providers SMTP servers, in some cases not, but this is more a problem of the providers mail server configuration.
    In my case I’m trying to use an external mail provider with an accouint – this worked flawless with firmware version 1.03 and 1.04RC but seems to be broken with 1.05. Others reported the same problem with external mailers.
    If it helps: also the latest firmware for the DNS-323 (version 1.06) shows exactly the same bug, so this might indicate a more systematic error, provided there is a common codebase to a certain extend?

    As far as the “uptime bug” is concerned I have to agree to your statement. On the other hand, even if funplug is not “officially” supported I can find a lot of “How-To” based on ffp even in your own blogs… so, why not have the developers look into that?

  4. Fred says:

    When I upgrade from FW 1.04 to 1.05 then I have no sub-titles anymore by AVI files with SRT.
    When I go back to FW 1.04 then I have sub-titles.
    Anybode else this strange error?

  5. dude says:

    The inotify_upnp tool running on the NAS uses 100% CPU even when doing nothing.

    This is a serious bug and forcing me to turn UPnP AV off.

    Any news of a upcoming fix Dennis?

  6. it has our attention but it’s not a serious matter as the process is not making an extreme load, not consuming a fixed CPU % so there is almost not to worry about. In normal usage nobody ever sees this.

  7. dude says:

    “The process is not making an extreme load” how can you say this Dennis?
    It takes up every cpu cycle there is. 99% CPU load.
    People are complaining video streaming is stuttering, maybe because off this.

    I don’t understand what you mean with this remark.

    Mem: 60192K used, 1700K free, 0K shrd, 12748K buff, 30332K cached
    CPU: 99% usr 0% sys 0% nice 0% idle 0% io 0% irq 0% softirq
    Load average: 2.35 2.24 2.21
    1766 1765 root R 1232 2% 99% inotify_upnp
    548 546 root R 1360 2% 0% top
    1650 1 root S 476 1% 0% fancontrol
    1902 1901 root S 8428 14% 0% /ffp/bin/php-cgi
    1900 1898 root S 8396 14% 0% /ffp/bin/php-cgi
    1901 1898 root S 8396 14% 0% /ffp/bin/php-cgi
    1903 1900 root S 8396 14% 0% /ffp/bin/php-cgi
    31427 1672 root S 5212 8% 0% /usr/sbin/samba/smbd -D
    1646 1 root S 5136 8% 0% /web/webs

    [off topic]
    Please don’t say: “In normal usage nobody ever sees this”. You know very well ffp is a very good selling point for a lot of people. (At least a few collegues did because of this possibility.)
    [/off topic]

  8. maybe I have to express myself different:

    fun_plug is not supported by Conceptronic. When using CH3SNAS in a normal way you can stream just fine. When samba or any other service is running the inotify will drop in the cpu usage. An extreme load on the load average is not there. But nobody will see.

    what was done was a simple kernel patch for the inotify which is available so if you have a better alternative; show me

    So if are using fun_plug and want to extend certain items the only workaround you will have is to disable the upnp server
    there are many other alternatives if you are not satisfied with the one which is supported.

    and yes I do agree it should not be 99% but there is no solution for this yet.

  9. dude says:

    Well, Dennis what can I say, for fun take a look in the ch3snas firmware release notes under v1.04RC4, Fixed: then third line from the top. ;-)
    Let’s keep it that way, in return you get users who love to do some beta testing, for free! Everybody happy. :-)

    To go on topic, I hope Conceptronic can fix the 100% cpu usage. It’s not very clean and wears out the CPU for nothing, consumes more energy and so on.
    I think you get the picture. :-)

    It makes me wonder about the firmware origin, dns-323 users having the same problems with their new firmware (1.06). I guess Conceptronic uses the same code and only makes little changes to personalize it?

    Keep up the good work. TIA.
    (Ik heb het maar ff in het Engels neergezet, er lezen hier veel mensen mee.)

  10. PTGUY says:

    will the final version of 1.05 finally support nfts read and write??

    It is becoming more important.

    There is a person in the net that was able to introduce fuse as a module can there be hope for a ntfs-3g or a nfsprogs in CH3SNAS?

    Perhaps a evolution to a more recent kernel could be of more help.

    Please answer

  11. PTGUY, I do not expect new firmware updates for CH3SNAS what gives more functionality.

    only through fun_plug you could update or add functions.

  12. PTGUY says:

    thanks on the info Dennis.

    If that is the case, can anyone that works in development, put on the Conceptronics site or other location, the full development information?

    How to flash the thing, adresses, etc…

    I’m a electronic engineer student and i would like to give it a go on customizing a firmware using for this decive, using perhaps kamikaze…

  13. PTGUY says:

    well, i had already seen those journals…

    Can at least the script that is used to reflash with new firmwares from conceptronic be used in other distros/firmwares?

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